Here are few "sweet" conversation between me and him

Monitor : Teacher , what do you like ?
Me       : Ooh ... I LIKE YOU .

and he got nothing to say. LOL

The next day, when he is doing his works, sitting next to me.
He turn to me and asked.

Monitor  : Teacher, where do you live ?
Me        : I Live in YOUR HEART.

and then i just laughed and I saw he kind of shy.

and here comes another day.
He walked into the office, towards me and say
" Teacher, can u help me to unzip my bag and take out the thing for me? "
I was confused and reply “ Why dont you unzip yourself? "
" No. You help me to open. "

Okay. So i just did what he asked to.

When i open it, i saw a box wrapped with present paper.
" So this is it ? "
I was feeling awkward that time.
" YES, this is for you. Bye teacher ! "

Ah. i dont what to say.
just saying "thank you" and pats his head.






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